workers memorial day wolverhampton 28 April 2014our next event will take place on Tuesday 28th April 2015

@12.30pm at the Cenotaph, St Peter's Square Wolverhampton WV1 1TS

Remember the Dead,   Fight for the Living. 





Monday 28th April  2014  @12.30pm at the Cenotaph, St Peter's Square Wolverhampton WV1 1TS   

60 people came to Wolverhampton 23rd annual Workers' Memorial Day 

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Stuart Baker UCATT,

Satinder Bains Irwin Mitchell solicitors, 

Rob Marris LP prospective parliamentary candidate W’ton SW, 

Rev. Bill Mash, Industrial Chaplain, 

Nick Kelleher, Secretary WB&DTUC  & wreath laying ceremony



 what is workers memorial day




Wolverhampton' 23rd annual Workers' Memorial Day 28 April 2014

Work – its existence or absence, helps define a person.

If we're lucky, it brings in enough to pay the bills. If we're really lucky we have work which we enjoy.

Work also helps make a place. Our industrial past has shaped this town. And all the people who work in Wolverhampton make it the town we're proud of now whether we're council or health workers, factory workers or teachers, builders, posties, carers or fire-fighters.

It's tragic then, when work brings about the end of life; when it contributes to the breakdown of families & fracturing of communities. But it should never be an expected part of working life.

Sadly, Wolverhampton has seen its fair share of such tragedy – from the days of our industrial past to more recent workplace accidents.

Last year, the government said 148 Britons died in their workplace; 14 in the West Midlands and three from Wolverhampton:  [reference 1]


  • Trevor Bagshaw, 68, a self employed industrial machinery installer fell from height and died

  • William Price, 63, a self employed car mechanic died following a fire

  • Mohammed Yasin, 37, a waste management employee was trapped by machinery and died

But it's estimated that another 79 people died early in Wolverhampton from job-related injuries and illnesses last year. [reference 2]


That's 82 local families missing more than just a breadwinner – missing their father or son, mother or daughter. Local communities bear the knock on effects – the grief, mental health problems, and financial & social pressures.

Over a million working people in Britain are currently suffering from a workplace illness.

More people die at work every year around the world than in wars.

That's why we all have a responsibility to show H&S as more than just a nice add-on to everyday business, or a bureaucratic tick list to be checked.

We must ALL take responsibility for ourselves and those around us, for making sure we look after one another and don't make work a risky business.

We can achieve this when we are organised in the workplace, when we join together in trade unions to campaign for safer working conditions.

Trade Unions have a long, proud history of not only helping their members when tragedy and hardship strike, but also of using our collective voice to ensure that these awful accidents never happen in the first place.

The ConDem government however, is happy to put profit before people.

Due to government cuts, the H&S Executive can only prosecute 1 in a thousand breaches of H&S law. [reference3]. Council cuts will cut inspections and prosecutions.

They believe our H&S laws are red tape.  Better red tape than red bandages. 

So today we join with others holding commemorations in Walsall, Dudley, Stoke, Birmingham & around the world to remember those who have been killed, made ill, or injured by their own or someone else's work.

And we renew our commitment to demanding safe and healthy work for all.

Let us remember the dead and fight for the living.

– NickKelleher [reference 4] 


Reference 1 - and


Reference 2- 2011 Census: Wolverhampton & United Kingdom Population Estimates and

20,000 work-related deaths


Wolverhampton population (249,500) / UK population (63.2million) x 20,000 deaths = 79 estimated premature deaths in Wolverhampton due to work.


Reference 3 - Lords Hansard 14 Jan 2013 Column GC160 Baroness Donaghy

Reference 4 -article has been heavily quoted from a 2013 WMDay speech by Dan Jarvis MP for Barnsley



Workers and families of people killed and injured by work love red tape because it’s far better than the alternative which is even more bloody bandages and workers made sick often to death.  We all know no-one died of too much regulation and enforcement but from far too little. Their pointless red tape is our lifeline and especially for young people who are at more risk.

IWMD is a day to utterly reject the government’s business-led destruction of health and safety regulation and enforcement based on the lie that it is a ‘burden on business’, useless red tape strangling business. David Cameron has called health and safety an albatross and a millstone round the neck of business, and made it his New Year resolution to kill off health and safety culture.  Despite all the evidence that there is no such burden on business but a massive burden on the individuals hurt and their families, and on the public purse, this government has used rigged reviews to support their slashing of health and safety regulation and enforcement by cutting the HSE’s budget and role, number of inspectors and inspections, cut regulations and rubbished the system that protects workers from safety and health risks at every opportunity.

Our health and our safety is under attack like never before.  All that we have now in terms of safer and healthier working condition was hard won by the collective action of generations of workers and their trade unions over the last 50 to 150 years, is under threat, and standards are being driven backwards.  Work is now more intense, harder, longer, and with a ruined safety net.  We are in a fight for our lives and we must defend health and safety for our own sake and that of our children and grandchildren who will have to work until they are 67 and beyond before they can retire. 

In 2014, after nearly 4 years of economic recession and specific government attacks on health and safety workers and the public are at much greater risk of being hurt by work than ever before.  But because of cuts in scrutiny and reporting of injuries, diseases and incidents, we are even less likely to know or hear about it in the press/media. So use IWMD to get our message out: we need health and safety red tape and unions to protect us!

“We Love Red Tape – it’s  better than bloody bandages”



WORKERS' MEMORIAL DAY events in the Midlands:

Wolverhampton TUC's 23nd annual event

Monday 28th April 12.30pm Cenotaph, St Peter's Sq Wolverhampton WV1 1TS

Birmingham -12.30pm - St Philips Cathedral Grounds Colmore Row B3 2QB

Solihull - 12.30pm Brueton Gardens B91 3DL (opp Barley Mow Pub)



TUC guide on the importance of H&S reps

International Workers' Memorial Day originated in Canada. 28 April was chosen for International Workers Memorial Day as it is the anniversary of the Occupational Health and Safety Act in the USA and also commemorates the day that 28 people were killed in a construction incident in Connecticut.
Since 1989 trade unions in the USA, UK, Asia, Europe and Africa have organised events on and around 28 April.
IWMD was adopted by Wolverhampton TUC in 1991, by the Scottish TUC in 1993, followed by the TUC in 1999 and UK government in 2010

The Labour council lowers the Civic flags to half mast, something the Tory/Liberal coalition failed to do when in charge of the council.

Click HERE for details of other events in Britain and background to Workers' Memorial Day from the TUC.


What's Workers Memorial Day? 

Every year more people are killed at work than in wars. Most don't die of mystery ailments, or in tragic "accidents". They die because an    employer decided their safety just wasn't that important a priority.

Workers' Memorial Day takes place every April 28th - as an international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work.

The slogan for the day is:   "Remember the Dead,  Fight for the Living"

The trade union movement "remembers the dead", by organising memorial events all over Britain.  It is supported by both the TUC and the government's Health & Safety Commission.  Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council and the Black Country Urban Industrial Mission have held events since 1992.

We must also "fight for the living" by ensuring that such tragedies are not repeated:

  • highlight the preventable nature of most workplace accidents and ill health.
  • promote campaigns and union organisation in the fight for improvements in workplace safety.

It is a FACT that you are less likely to get injured or killed in a workplace covered by one of Britain's 200,000 trade union H&S reps.


Greater Manchester Hazards has produced a number of resources see them here

For Background to Workers Memorial Day:

For Safety Reps Guide to Workers Memorial Day:

For We Love Red Tape leaflet summarizing government attacks, lies and the truth:

Many relevant Hazards Magazine articles can be found on

See especially: “It’s your choice Red Tape or more bloody bandages”:

‘Business says deregulate: The government will obey!’:

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Globally every year more people are killed at work than in wars – a minimum of 2.3 million worldwide the International Labour Organisation estimates.

In the UK the Hazards Campaign estimates that in 2012/13  over 1,400 are killed in work-related incidents and up to 50,000 died from work-related diseases (cancers 18,000 [12% of total], heart disease 20,000 [20% of total], lung and other diseases 12.000 [15-20% of total] ). 

Hazards Estimates: 140 people a day or 6 per hour are killed by work in Great Britain per year compare this with:  532 murders last year and 620 British soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over 11 years.


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